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The Great 2020 Hospice Activity Challenge

 It's about quality of life, at end of life.
It's about quality of life, at end of life.

Hospice Heroes

Thank you for joining my team.

You know how much Hospice means to me, and now more than ever Doane House Community Hospice and Margaret Bahen Residential Hospice need our help. Covid -19 has impacted the world as we know, but for charites that depend on philanthropy this has really hit them hard.

Please choose an activity that you commit  to doing for the month of August, it can be something you have never tried before, or something you do regularly. Upload photo's and videos so we can see you having fun. Then send out the link to all our contacts and see how much you can raise for Hospice, don't forget to share the form on the home page, How to build your pledges.

Good Luck and Happy Activity.

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Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors