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The Great 2020 Hospice Activity Challenge

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Show your Location

Full House Riders

Hello fellow Riders!! We've been penned up for the last few months and ready to ride!! Gather 2-10 of your riding friends and make a day of exploring the York and surrounding area while collecting your photos to trade off for your poker hand! Need all 5 photos to qualify for a poker hand!!




Top prizes for the top 3 poker hands!

Here’s How is Works…

When is the Ride? Officially the ride is all hours in the month of August. Riders Choose when to ride. Riders may start the ride any time after the registration package is received.

Who Can Participate? Anyone with a valid motorcycle license and a participant. All bikes welcome!!

What is the Route? This year with Covid-19restrictions in place, we are giving you a description of 4 generic locations as well as one special stop at Margaret Bahen Hospice, 653 Queen St, Newmarket, ON L3Y 2J1 . Choose your own route and find a location that matches the description for the other 4 stops. You can go as far away or as near as you want!!                                                     

How Do I Collect Cards? When you find one of our described locations, stop and take photo of yourself and our sign that you will receive in your registration package. When you have all 5 pictures, email them to under the heading My poker hand (plwease include yoour name and cell number.) On Sept 1st, all posts with 5 description matching photos will have a random poker hand dealt to them using an online generator.

How Do I Register? You have 2 options to join the ride.

Option 1: Make a personal donation and making a minimum $20 pledge under our team captain: Terry Hierlihy and receive your package to start your ride. Invite a few friends to do the same to ride with you!!


Option 2: Join our Team: Full House Riders and invite your family and friends to sponsor you persoanlly in the fundraiser!

Either way you will enjoy a day of riding and serving a worthwhile cause. 

Poker hands will be drawn on Sept 1st, 2020.

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Thank You to Our Generous Sponsors