Donations accepted through September 30th

One of the questions we often hear from grateful friends and family is “How can I help Hospice, care for others?”. A wonderful way to support our work and ensure that there continues to be no cost to our clients, residents or their families, is to join us virtually for The Great 2020 Hospice Activity Challenge. Please click the video below to hear Alan's story about why he walks annually for hospice.

Since COVID-19 forced the cancelation of this year's Hike for Hospice, we had an idea. What if you turned your favourite summer activity into a mini-fundraiser for us? What a great way also to engage the children through August. We are challenging the community to be active throughout August, and help raise funds for Margaret Bahen and Doane House Hospices, while honouring someone special in your life. Our goal for this year's event is a lofty $80,000 but we know we can do this with and for our community! These funds will enable us to continue offering outstanding hospice care to your communities. How?

Make a goal to achieve during the month of August, it can be a onetime event, a week long challenge or for the whole month. What a better way to keep you active.

Whether you choose to Hike, Walk, Swim, Motorcycle, Bike, Skateboard, or use a Treadmill, it’s up to you to choose an activity, ask your friends, family and neighbours to join you. They could join your team (physical distancing of course) and try and beat the challenge you set, or they could pledge your efforts to help you reach your goal.

So for all the swimmers out there who have pools, challenge yourself to swim a set number of laps a day to reach an amazing amount in 31 days. How many steps do you take walking the dog? You can challenge yourself to increase that, and imagine how you'll feel after 31 days, not to mention the extra exercise for your four-legged friend!

We want to see photos, videos and hear stories of the fun you are having during your personal challenge all in the name of hospice. Be sure to share them on social media using the hashtag #TG2020HAC.

100% of the funds raised by Doane House Hospice and Margaret Bahen Hospice stay in our community.

So on your marks, get set, Register Now! Together we can all stay active, while showing support for our local hospices.